NOT Associated with the Biola group – A word of explaination

This site is in no way associated with the other site of a similar name and the owner of this site is in complete agreement with the University’s view on sexuality.

The reason it was purchased was because obviously this domain name can easily be confused with the ‘official’ site and since the ‘official’ underground movement is shrouded in secrecy and, as they did not have the foresight to purchase this domain, it seemed very unwise to leave it available given that as soon as the story went public (which it did rather quickly) anyone in the world could have purchased this domain and posted whatever they wanted (including material harmful to Biola).

There would have been no easy way for people to know who was behind either group and whether the two were linked or not.  While the “official” group states on their site than they would “disavow and would completely disdain any violence, hate crimes, hate speech, or threats towards Biola University and its members at all levels”, that would be very difficult to do if an activist group had purchased this domain and started posting under the “biola underground” name.  I love Biola and did not want than to happen so I purchased it.

I do not agree with the theology behind the “official” group and I also believe their secrecy is having many consequences (unintended no doubt) on campus.  So anyone who is looking to this domain as “evidence” for who is behind biola underground is definitely looking in the wrong place.

Biola’s Statement on Human Sexuality