Welcome to Campus of Prayer

Campus of Prayer is a ministry that has been needed at Biola for many years. It is not that there is a lack of prayer on campus. There are many official and unofficial prayer gatherings happening all the time (though obviously there could always be more!) So if there are already so many prayer ministries, why would another be needed? Over the years I have seen many things at Biola. I have seen times of spiritual dryness and I have seen times of great life. Prayer groups have sprung up and thrived only to wither several years later. Progress has been made in having a “prayer centered” student body and progress has been lost.
This is a natural result of life on a University campus. The same turnover of students that leads to a new infusion of passion each year also has the tendency to work against any form of long-term progress in the student led spiritual development of the student body. But I do not believe that this has to be the case. Look at the Student Missionary Union… for the past 87 years they have been able to continually teach and train students to be world-minded Christians. But this did not happen by accident, rather, they were able to find a way to communicate and coordinate their resources and create an environment that maintains the focus and passion year after year.
My hope is that Campus of Prayer can help serve as a framework that will allow all the groups with a heart for the Spiritual Life of Biola students to impact the campus like never before. By sharing our stories, our passion, our knowledge and our resources, we will be better able to identify the needs of the student body and work together to meet those needs much more rapidly and with greater effectiveness then in the past.
Obviously this website is still very much “under construction” but I figured that it would be better to get something up and work from there rather to wait for everything to be perfect. Only time will tell if this experiment work… it will be an exciting adventure.

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